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Introducing Intellihelper

I'm pleased to announce my company's new SaaS product, Intellihelper.

Intellihelper - automated customer support software

Intellihelper is a new category of customer support software, enabling businesses to quickly create voice-guided, interactive tutorials for their users, to help them accomplish complex tasks on a website. Intellihelper works with any website or mobile site and is a plug-and-play solution.

Want to see it in action? You can watch an Intellihelper demo here.

I'm thrilled, proud, relieved and exhausted all at the same time. This launch represents the end of a fairly long (around 6 months in total) discovery and development process in which I stopped, started, changed names and pivoted a few times before refining the idea and finally built out version 1 of the software.

The irony of course is that the software itself took only around 4 weeks of marathon-style coding sessions, but the journey towards the concept and vision took much, much longer. That has come from almost 2 years of learnings running another SaaS product, and 6 months of brainstorming how I could apply these learnings to a new product.

And now we get to the fun part, the launch and the start of sales and marketing :)

Scratching my own itch

Running a SaaS product or any kind of tech service, you inevitably get customer support requests.

70% of the time, these requests are about the same sort of stuff...

  • How do I add a new account?
  • How do I change the color of my foozle?
  • How do I move a widget up or down?

If you're super organized, you have all this information in a knowledge base somewhere, complete with explainer videos or beautifully-cropped screenshots with photoshopped arrows showing what the user has to click on... do you have that? Didn't think so! Companies are seldom that organized, because their core focus is building their product, and creating support documentation like that takes serious time.

With Intellihelper, you'll never have to create another explainer video, or photoshop arrows onto screenshots, or write any long support articles, and your users never have to leave your app.

You can use Intellihelper to create beautiful and useful tutorials that overlay over your actual app, in just seconds.

Inspiration from Japanese RPGs

I'm obsessed with automation and when it came to thinking about how to automate customer support and user onboarding, I immediately thought of video games.

The critical piece that's missing from most customer support software solutions is the human aspect. Once you scale out to using live chat or knowledge bases, the experience for the end user can feel quite anonymous. So how do you automate something and yet keep it human?

Two ingredients: voice and face.

For decades now, video games (beginning with Japanese RPGs) have used this mechanic to make 2D characters more "real". They build relationships with you (admit it, you cried in Final Fantasy 7 when Aeris died!).

I thought to myself... what if I could not only automate customer support, but what if I could make it better? What if customer support was more interactive, what if it was audio / visual, what if it had a human face - and what if I made it super easy for businesses to integrate.

That's Intellihelper.

Intellihelper is automated customer support that talks to your users and shows them exactly what to do. And it all works by you pasting a snippet of code on your site. Once.

With Intellihelper, you can create beautifully animated help tutorials like this one that overlay on your actual website - in literally just a few clicks. It's so crazily fast to use, that I actually created the entire onboarding process for Intellihelper using Intellihelper in about 5 minutes flat.

Use it to answer your most frequent customer support requests, use it for onboarding, use it for pre-sales product tours - and more.

If you're running a SaaS product or manage a large website in need of 24/7 customer support, give Intellihelper a try. As always, I'm open to feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on how I could improve the product for your use-case!

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